Small Lawn Weeding

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Often people are concerned with the overuse of chemicals being put into local groundwater, especially lawn chemicals.

If you have a small yard that you would prefer not to spray for weeds, we can hand weed your lawn as part of our overall maintenance services.

Yard Waste Removal

Yard Waste Removal

Hey! You've done well! You got ambitious and cleaned up your yard with the fervor of a garden nymph! But now what to do with all this waste? Don't worry, we can help!

We'll come haul it away to the local compost facility for our normal hourly rate. Trash and large amounts of dirt, debris and rubble will cost extra.


As spring brings forth the exciting growth of the season, you may decide you'd like a little extra color. We do plantings of all kinds - annuals, perennials, transplanting, bulbs and small shrubs.

We practice the right-plant-for-the-right-place philosophy and do our best to help you plant things that will thrive in the appropriate home in your garden. Our goal is to create gorgeous, artistic, low-maintenance gardens.

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Hedge Trimming

The life and beauty of any shrub or hedge is drastically improved and extended with regular pruning. We can shape your hedges with a trimmer or trim them by hand for a natural look.

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Our clay-ridden soil in Colorado needs all the organic material, insulation and weed and erosion protection it can get! Mulch is a great way to help the soil and the garden. Not only that, it drastically improves your garden aesthetic by creating a clean, uniform look that highlights your plants.

Designer Pots & Barrels

Annual container designs are a great way to add colorful highlights to your outdoor property. We can help you choose a successful design combination to match your personal aesthetic including annuals and herbs for tons of visual fun all season.

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Small-scale Landscaping

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Our specialty is plants, but sometimes plants are just not enough to complete a garden. In addition to natural rock landscaping, we can build small, naturally set flagstone paths and pavers that are functional and beautiful. We can also install a variety of garden edging and build small, raised-bed gardens.

Garden Maintenance

This is our forté! We are plant lovers, and every plant lover knows that all plants are different. We give the appropriate care at the appropriate time to all species of plant life in your garden - including dead-heading, pruning and weeding - so the prized plants thrive and unwanted growth doesn't.

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Rockscape Cleaning

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Everyone with a rockscape knows it can be a tough area to keep clean. We do chemical-free rockscape cleaning by hand. If you spray your weeds, we can remove the dead remains. Come fall, we can also vacuum your rocks so the leaves can't build up and leave a mess for spring.

Fall Cleaning

When the growing season comes to a close, there's a lot of preparation to do before a garden is ready for winter. We'll prepare your gardens for the winter to help them flourish in spring. We also do fall leaf clean-up and can either manage the leaves periodically as they fall or simply clean them all up after the final leaf drop in November.

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Uh-Oh Catch-up Cleaning

Sometimes life just gets too busy and some things just have to wait. If you enjoy doing your own gardening, it's easy to get behind. It often feels overwhelming to play catch-up on your own. We can come whip your garden back into shape so you can take back the reins with an excited attitude instead of the dread of facing a major effort in the garden in a year.

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Houseplant Care

Houseplant Care

We love the outdoors! But sometimes it's nice to have plants in your home, too! We can fertilize, prune, dust and re-pot your houseplants during spring, summer, fall or winter.

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