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Redstone Valley Gardens

Locally owned and operated, Redstone Valley Gardens specializes in year-round garden maintenance in the semi-arid climate of Boulder County, Colorado.

Many consider Colorado to be a gardening challenge due to its low precipitation and wide range of seasonal temperature fluctuation. Our mission is to provide knowledge and services that will produce successful and beautiful Colorado gardens while keeping the needs of each client in mind.

We practice and understand principles of xeriscaping and xeric plants, which limits the amount of water necessary to keep your garden beautiful all season long. Ask us about other water conservation ideas such as lawn mitigation, mulch and rock gardens!

For those more interested in traditional gardens, we also have the techniques to keep both your blooming and non-blooming plants and shrubs healthy in their current semi-arid environment.

We have the skill and knowledge to enrich your garden with additional annual and perennial plantings or simply install a brand new garden from scratch.

The cleanliness of your garden is important to us and we are serious about weeding and weed prevention. We are meticulous and thorough.

We also have excellent container garden designs for your outdoor pots and barrels as well as an extensive knowledge of houseplants to assist us in caring for your indoor plants.

Come fall, we can clear those pesky leaves off your property and are available to haul yard waste away all year round.

Monster Junipers eating your property? We provide availability for winter juniper pruning that will last the whole growing season!

From keeping your prize roses pruned and flowering to shaping up your hedges and shrubs - or simply keeping your garden weed-free, the Redstone Valley Gardens Crew has the skills, knowledge and equipment to help you in a vast array of precise applications.

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